Proceeds seize cigarettes and tobacco worth more than € 3.4million at Dublin port


Tobacco worth more than 7.7 million euros was seized at the port of Dublin following routine profiling on Tuesday.

Tax officials seized more than 3.5 tonnes of raw tobacco smuggled into the country.

The contraband tobacco has an estimated retail value of over 2.1 million euros, which represents a potential loss to the Exchequer of approximately 1.7 million euros.

The significant quantity was discovered in a shipment originating in Germany and was concealed in boxes labeled as “wooden floor”.

In a separate operation that took place on Sunday, tax officials seized more than 1.9 million illicit cigarettes.

A busy time for Revenue

This particular transport had an estimated retail value of over 1.3 million euros, which represents a potential loss for the Exchequer of approximately 1 million euros.

The illegal “Platinum” brand cigarettes were discovered with the help of Revenue’s mobile x-ray scanner.

These fumes were concealed in a shipment from Dubai.

Investigations into the two seizures are ongoing as Revenue continues to target the underground economy which thrives on the supply and sale of illegal tobacco products.

If businesses or members of the public have information regarding contraband, they can contact Revenue in confidence by phone at 1-800-295-295.


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