Letters to the Editor – December 14, 2021


Advocating for changes in the law

The verbal sparring between Giovanni Bonello (November 29 and December 6) and Alfred Sant (December 2) on the issue of therapeutic abortion, and to a greater extent most of the online comments that followed, did not address the most important weakness regarding the application. of the principle of double effect in clinical practice.

Bonello’s claim that in situations where a woman’s life is in danger, such as sepsis, doctors would simply apply this principle and therefore terminate the pregnancy to save the mother’s life is impractical. The principle states that therapeutic abortion is permitted if damage to the fetus is intended but indirect and unintentional. The problem is that because it is often not known what is considered indirect, the principle cannot easily be used in practice.

Unlike the situation in other developed countries, doctors in Malta do not follow established guidelines or protocols when these problems arise. Each consultant may act differently, although they still admit the pregnant person to the hospital for monitoring. These are difficult questions to deal with medically, but the law as it stands now does not help.

This is exactly why Doctors for Choice advocates changes in the law such that if the mother’s life is in danger, she should have the right to decide what to do next. If she is unwilling to accept the risks associated with the watchful waiting approach, she should be allowed to terminate the pregnancy immediately.

Isabel Stabile obo Doctors for Choice – St Julian’s

Drowning marsalforn

As I write these lines, our apartment on the front is shaking. The furniture, the table and everything in it vibrate with sympathy.

If you’ve ever had an earthquake, it’s similar – but, in our case, now the spasms have been going on for hours, days.

The waves are mountainous, throwing boulders and tons of water over the all new boardwalk, which has been carefully constructed at a cost of millions.

Over nine years ago, I felt compelled to write publicly about the vulnerability of Marsalforn, following the breakwater collapse. There was a response in the ministry’s Times of Malta that a replacement was imminent (that was a few months before an election, mind you).

The ministry “still has plans” but still no action. The bay is still unprotected, our homes are vulnerable, despite repeated public promises over the years. A case of “politicians fiddling while Marsalforn drowns”?

David Carrington – Marsalforn

A case of double standards, two measures

Why has Health Minister Chris Fearne informed the public that it is an entirely personal choice to smoke cannabis? I will not go into the disadvantages of

allow the people of Malta and Gozo to smoke cannabis, however, I want to ask the minister why he is presenting us with double standards.

Why does the minister still refuse to import a particular smokeless cigarette, which has been shown to be safer than the vape cigarette and of course the normal cigarette we all know?

I would like to remind the Minister that normal cigarettes and vape cigarettes which have been on the market for so long have never seen the importation stopped! We are all aware that normal cigarettes are very bad for our health, and I ask, have all the different liquids in these vape cigarettes been proven to be safe for smoking?

As the minister suggested with regard to cannabis use, why does he not give consumers a choice on this particular smokeless cigarette and take a drastic decision on this product?

Carol Demajo – St Julian’s

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