Bucks County athlete qualifies for 2022 Winter Olympics


Growing up, many of us dreamed of being professional athletes and after a while we realized that it was a difficult task to accomplish.

For those who have accomplished it, this is probably the best dream come true.

A Bucks County native is now fulfilling that dream at a very young age as he becomes an Olympian. Andrew Heo of Warrington, Pa. Recently shared his happiness after officially qualifying for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.

In the Instagram post where Andrew Heo shared his happiness in qualifying for the 2022 Winter Olympics, he said he continues to try to figure out that he is officially an Olympian.

Andrew Heo made sure to thank everyone who supported him throughout his young career.

The Bucks County native is only 20 years old and has accomplished so much in his speed skating career already.

According to TeamUSA.org, here are some of the highlights of Andrew Heo’s career:

  • 2021 World Championships – B 5000m Bronze Relay; B 1500m 4th
  • 2021 Fall World Cup squad
  • National Short Track Training Program 2018-22
  • 2019-20 Short Track World Cup Team
  • 2018-19 Short Track World Cup Team
  • 2018-19 US Short Track Championships – 1000m Silver
  • 2018 World Junior Short Track Team

Although NBCOlympics.com said Andrew Heo had no Olympic experience, we are sure it will not affect the new Olympic athlete. He’s sure to do it big.

According to NBCOlympics.comAndrew Heo comes from a South Korean family and is looking to learn the language, because the sport he masters is very important where his family comes from. We also learned that Andrew Heo is ranked “just outside the top 50 skaters in the world”. It’s amazing.

Good luck to Andrew Heo. The PST family supports you.

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