Azealia Banks publishes her own “manifesto”


Azealia Banks lays out everything she would do if she was in Congress.

Halfway through 2021, it’s safe to say this year has been an absolute whirlwind for Azealia Banks. Last spring, the highly controversial artist sold her sex tape as NFT for $ 17,000, and since then she has mainly made headlines by calling out artists such as Doja Cat and Lil Baby. As summer began to arrive, Azealia Banks repeatedly criticized and shamed Nicki Minaj, then randomly she recently admitted “[needing] for her to pull herself together. “

Now, in what she calls “Azealia Banks’ Arc of Redemption,” the polarizing public figure has taken to Instagram to share “The Manifesto,” which sums up many of her biggest critiques of contemporary society.

John Sciulli / Getty Images

“Sidebar: You really don’t want this Azealia Banks buyout arc to end with me in Congress because tobacco and alcohol prices are going to skyrocket,” Banks writes at the start of her manifesto. “I’m raising the age of selling tobacco to 30 to $ 121.00 a pack across the board. That $ 50.00 bottle of Henny will now set you back $ 215.00 … Savor every nigga sip. ! “

Azealia Banks’ stance on alcohol and drugs, while extreme, is expected given her recent criticisms of how the music industry is capitalizing on the addiction of black artists, but her manifesto also calls for to the full decriminalization and decommissioning of marijuana.

“I am reducing the price of flowers / seeds / plants of marijuana to the price of corn,” she continues. “There will be no more corporate privatization of cannabis … No more white people who will get rich off weed. (Find a real job Seth Rogan).”

The rest of “The Manifesto” swings between pure comedy – “Mars should be a trash. And nothing else.” – and serious concerns about American society – “Abolish the death penalty”. For an entertaining read, check out the full version of Azealia Banks’ manifesto below. What parts of it do you think are the most ridiculous?


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